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Life is Beautiful - Newcomers Day 2021

The long-awaited community event for the new members of the St Pius X seminary, the ‘Newcomers Day’ took place on 7th February, 2021. After a turbulent and stormy 2020, the coming together of the St Pius family after nearly 10 months, was an occasion of joy and bonding. The theme for this event was very apt, ‘Life is Beautiful’, as after all the ups and downs of the past year, it was important to focus on the blessings and graces that God has showered on each one of us and that itself makes life beautiful and worth living.

The evening began with welcoming all the new comers, i.e. the seven Propaedeutic Year seminarians, four 1st Year Philosophy seminarians and four 1st Year Theology seminarians who have come in from other diocese and also three new teaching and one non-teaching faculty members. This was followed by mimes, dances, plays and songs put up by each group. There were some group games and spot prizes that added to the fun and enjoyment of the evening. It included a fancy-dress competition.

The Rector addressed all gathered and gave a summary of what and how things have been in the seminary since the past 10 months. He spoke about how these past months have challenged us to change our perspective and mindsets to meet up with the new scenarios and problems that lie ahead of us with the changing times. Also, the pandemic has brought in new ways of reaching out to people and we need to be ready to go beyond the traditional ways in order that we may minister to the people more effectively. He briefly put forth the program for the next few months.

We were fortunate to have in our midst, Cardinal Oswald Gracias attending the program. He said a few words and appreciated the efforts taken by the staff and students to set up the online classes and now to reopen the seminary. He welcomed all the new comers as well as all the other students of the seminary as they have finally come to the seminary to complete the last few months of the academic Year 2020-2021.

The program ended with a ‘Jam session’ where all were invited to dance and enjoy moments of togetherness. The evening was one of fraternal bonding and fellowship. It was a time of great joy to be able to come together again after a long time.

Br. Dorson D D'mello

2nd Yr Philosophy


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