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Major Play, 8th to 10th December 12, 2023

The audience was on an emotional roller coaster as the stage of St Pius X College came to life once again as part of its annual cultural program. Every year, the students of St Pius X College stage a major cultural production. This year, the seminary came up with a Hindi play with two acts titled ‘Siddhaanth – Usoolon Ki Jung’, the struggles within each of us. The play was an original production written collaboratively by a group of students and staff members. The cast and production team consisted of seminarians, religious sisters, laity, and guest artists. Sr Pushpy Alappadan was the chief guest for the first day of the play, Shree S.  Jayakumar IPS was the chief guest on the second day, and Fr Anil Periera SJ on the third day. All three days were filled with drama, suspense, and incredible performances that kept the audience on the edge of their seats. As the play came to an end, the curtains closed to a deafening applause.

Br Joywin Thadavious

2nd Year Philosophy


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