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Newcomers Day - 28 June, 2023

“The Sun’s arrival lights the world,

The Moon’s arrival makes the night beautiful,

The newcomers’ arrival enriches our happiness.”

Yes, St. Pius X family warmly welcomed the newcomers with an event titled “Make a difference RRR”, where RRR stands for Real, Radical and Revolutionary. To make a difference, it is necessary to be true, i.e., real, and to be very different from the conventional, i.e., radical! To be revolutionary means to bring a major change within and without. The programme commenced with a short prayer led by Dn. Jins followed by an ice breaker based on some people of valour who have made a difference in the people’s lives. The newcomers displayed their talents through meaningful skits and mimes. The cultural department organised various other fun activities for newcomers and the rest of the community. The shepherd of St. Pius X Family Fr. Aniceto Pereira welcomed the newcomers once again at this auspicious event. Finally, the event came to an end with a concluding prayer by Dn. Siljo.

Br Hamish Anto D

2nd Year Philosophy


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