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Ordinations to the Priesthood- 25th March, 2023

The service of the Ordination of Frs. Sunil Godinho, Amol Thopelya, Jordan Govind, and Dylan D’Souza was held on 25th March 2023 on the lawns of St Pius College. Oswald Cardinal Gracias being the main celebrant ordained them as priests. The Holy Eucharist commenced at 6 pm. The candidates along with the altar servers, priests, bishops and the Cardinal entered in a solemn procession as the entrance hymn was being sung. The rite of ordination to the priesthood began soon after the homily. The litany of the saints was sung very solemnly, causing one to feel God’s tangible presence. The laying-on of hands and the anointing with holy Chrism completed the ordination rites. The Rector of the Seminary then presented the newly ordained priests, Fr. Dylan, Fr Jordan, Fr Amol, and Fr Sunil, to the congregation. All congratulated them with a huge round of applause. At the end of the Eucharist, Fr. Sunil gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the newly ordained. Finally, the ordinati gave their first priestly blessing to the congregation. The function ended with the cutting of the cake along with everyone singing the Congratulations song. We thank God for the gift of the four newly ordained priests to the Archdiocese of Bombay.

Br Cris Veigas

3rd Year Theology


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