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Photography Workshop at St. Pius X College (18th June)

The media department of St. Pius X Seminary recently held a dynamic and educational photography workshop, guided by the talented photographer Joyal Olivera. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for the art of capturing moments, Joyal inspired and educated the 30 seminarians participating on the intricacies of photography. Joyal covered fundamental concepts such as the rule of thirds, lighting techniques, composition, and other important aspects of photography. The brothers eagerly engaged with hands-on exercises, experimenting with different settings, angles, and perspectives to bring their creative visions to life.

The workshop was designed not just to teach technical skills, but also to encourage a deeper appreciation for this art form. Following the workshop, a photography competition was organized to allow the brothers to showcase their new found skills. Each participant submitted his best work, reflecting the lessons learned during the session. The top five participants were awarded prizes as a mark of recognizing their outstanding efforts especially in the field of creativity and artistic expression.

This initiative led by the media department of St. Pius X Seminary reflects its dedication to holistic education, nurturing both the intellectual and creative talents of its students. The photography workshop at St. Pius X Seminary, organized by the media department, was undoubtedly a resounding success. The event stands out as a testament to the seminary's commitment to providing diverse learning experiences and fostering a well-rounded education for its students.


Jacob Antony

2nd year Theology.


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