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Prayer Service for the Candidates to be Ordained – 24th March, 2023

The batch of the third year of theology traditionally conducts a prayer service for the deacons, on the eve of their ordination to the priesthood. Being the eve of the feast of the Annunciation, the prayer service comprised praying the vespers, followed by praying for the Deacons to be ordained priests. This special prayer was divided into three parts, namely, the prayer of surrender, the prayer of protection, and the intercession to the patron saint. Each of them was invited to kneel before the altar and also take the panchang pranam position during the prayer of surrender. Fr Aniceto spoke a few words, encouraging the deacons to be ordained to look at Mother Mary as their role model and follow her ways. Father also invited them to say yes to every opportunity they would encounter in the service of the church and the people at large. The Prayer service ended with the closing prayer and the final hymn. We pray for Dn Dylan, Dn Sunil, Dn Jordan, and Dn Amol, that they continue the good work in our Lord’s vineyard.

Br Cris Veigas

3rd Year Theology


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