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Protection of Minors & Vulnerable Adults: Formation and Awareness seminar - 22nd October, 2023

Safeguarding minors and the vulnerable is at the core of the Church’s mission and Rv. Fr. Hans Zollner brought this out beautifully in a productive session held at St. Pius X Seminary. It was a well-structured talk which began with the reactions of the church worldwide, then highlighted the various statements of denial, emphasized the need for a change in mentality and finally stressed upon the role of one’s own conscience as a guiding principle in owing up to our weaknesses. It was interesting to hear about the importance of tackling issues at its roots i.e., formation houses and collaboration between formators and seminarians. It ended on the topic of pedagogy and the prime need of asking ‘how’ rather than ‘what’ when coming up with hypotheses for efficient formation. As the evening came to a close the ambience was lit with a common resolve to ‘do our bit’ in safeguarding those entrusted to our care.

Br. Mathew Fernandes

2nd Year Philosopher


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