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Rector's Message - 24th December, 2023


May You Be Blessed by the Visit of the Son of God

In your home, your community, and in your heart.

On Christmas night two signs guide us in recognizing Jesus:

One is a special star that stands out in a night sky of an infinite number of stars, the one that prompted the Magi to leave their homes and begin a journey that would lead them where they did not know. We must forcefully ask God to show us that star that draws us toward something more than our habits because that star will lead us to Jesus, that child born in Bethlehem, who wants our full happiness.

The second is another powerful sign: the smallness of God. The angels point out to the shepherds a baby born in a manger. Not a sign of power, self-sufficiency, or pride. No. The eternal God is reduced to a helpless, meek, humble human being. God lowered himself so that we could walk with him and so that he could stand beside us, not above and far from us.


-  Pope Francis

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