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Rector’s Talk - 27th September, 2023

Although the Instrumentum Laboris, or “working document,” for October’s Synod of Bishops makes clear that it “is not a document of the Church’s Magisterium,” the 50-page document undoubtedly does have something to say, propose, and arguably teach about the kind of synodal Church that Pope Francis has made such a priority of his pontificate. On the 27th of September, Fr. Aniceto Pereira the Rector of St. Pius X College, addressed the seminarians before they left for their short mid-term holiday. He elaborated on the 3 priority issues for the Synod — Communion, Mission and Participation. Liturgy should be at the center of our lives and the Eucharist should not remain as a mere ritual. This document is, of course, a work in progress as will be the Synod meetings in Rome. What remains central, however, is clear: the aim is evangelization, the way is synodality, and the result is the renewal of the Church imbued with both. Fr. Aniceto concluded his insightful talk with the Synod prayer: Let us find in You our unity so that we may journey together to eternal life and not stray from the way of truth and what is right. Amen

Br Rainel Lobo

Propaedeutic Year


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