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Rectors Talk, 15th March, 2023

Fr. Aniceto Pereira, the Rector of St. Pius College, addressed the seminarians for the second time in this academic year, as the year-end talk for the academic year 2022- ’23. The event started with the official handing over of the portfolios. Br. Christopher Fernandes, the current prefect of the seminary, handed over the baton to Br. Rolwyn Lobo, the newly elected prefect; while Br. Kenneth Pinto, the current assistant perfect, handed over the baton to Br. Ivan Kamble. The Rector thanked Br. Christopher and Br. Kenneth for all the selfless service they rendered to the seminary and he also wished the newly-elected prefect and assistant perfect success in their new assignment. The Rector also thanked all those who contributed to the well-being of the seminary, especially the visiting professors, the staff, and the benefactors. He also highlighted various achievements and activities of the seminary in this academic year, while also indicating areas of improvement for the brothers.

The main part of the Rector’s talk was inspired by the working document for the continental stage of the synod, “Enlarge the space of your tent”, and the words addressed by Pope Francis to the rectors, professors, and students of the Roman Pontifical Universities and Institutions gathered for a conference in Rome. The Rector quoted the Pope’s reflection about the sculpture, ‘The Resurrection’ by Pericle Fazzinini in the Paul VI hall. He highlighted the Pope’s advice to have harmony deep within oneself, one’s thoughts, one’s feelings, and one’s actions. He also reminded us that the Pope spoke of the importance of growing as a community, correcting each other, completing each other, and balancing out each other. It was very important to have harmony in the church between the clergy, religious and lay persons, all united by the baptism received by all. The Rector cautioned about three main concerns in this area namely clericalism, women’s participation, as well as charism and ministry.

The Rector concluded his talk reminding, after the document of the continental synod, to enlarge our tents and welcome others into it.

Br Joywin Thadavious

1st Year Philosophy


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