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Spiritual Conference: 12th September, 2022

As part of the spiritual formation, the seminary arranges for resource persons to speak to the brothers during spiritual conferences. On 12 September 2022, Sr. Pratiksha was the resource person who spoke on ‘Mary, the reflection of the feminine face of God’. She highlighted how Mary presented to us God’s compassion. Through the gospel text (wedding feast at Cana) she focused on the attributes of compassion.

  •  Compassion does not judge

  •  Compassion shows empathy

  •  Compassion sees the need

  •  Compassion responds to the need

Using the example of the help she has extended to migrant domestic workers, she emphasized how we can transform people’s lives through compassion. Compassion, she continued, looks at the need of the entire person. It is to bring about wellbeing in every aspect of life - the economic, intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of a person’s life. She concluded by reminding us that showing compassion to everyone is challenging and comes with its own share of troubles and therefore each one of us needs the grace of God in order to be compassionate.

Br Rolwyn Lobo

2nd Year Theology


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