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Spiritual Conference Report - 11th July, 2022

The first Spiritual conference of the academic year 2022-23 was held on 11th July 2022. The eminent speaker of the day was Rev. Fr. K. T Emmanuel, the judicial vicar of the Archdiocese of Bombay. The Spiritual Conference began with a prayer song followed by a short prayer. Rev. Fr. Gavin Lopes introduced and welcomed the speaker to the community. The theme chosen for the conference was “The promise of obedience for the diocesan priests.” Fr. Emmanuel initiated the conference by describing a vow, which is basically related to a religious person and a promise that is related to diocesan priests. Focusing on the theme, he provided the definition and description of the term ‘obedience’. Further, he displayed the significant difference between the vow of a religious priest and the promise of a diocesan priest. The vow taken by a religious person is made to God and is concentrated on personal salvation whereas the promise made by the diocesan priest is to the bishop and is directed differently, focusing on others. He pointed out three promises taken by a diocesan priest in general, and seven promises taken by the priest on the day of his ordination. He also emphasized the significance of the promise of obedience which is taken twice: first at the time of diaconate and second at the time of ordination, unlike other promises. He brought about the scriptural significance by presenting the obedience of Christ unto death and the contrast between Adam-Eve and Jesus-Mary. References from St. Pope John Paul II, Pope Francis, Bishop T.D Jakes, St. Thomas Aquinas and an article by Fr. Joe Mannath SDB enhanced the conference. Fr. Emmanuel concluded the input session by highlighting the part of the Bishop or the Superior in the whole scenario. Further, the next few minutes were spent in questions and clarifications. The spiritual conference was concluded by giving a vote of thanks; presenting a token of love to Rev. Fr. K. T Emmanuel and a concluding hymn.

Br Jins Mathew

3rd Year Theology.


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