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Sports Day Inauguration - 8th July, 2022

Just like every year this year too we had the sports day inauguration. Sports is indeed an important part of Seminary life as it helps in the all-round development of each and every person. This year the theme for the Sports Day was Togetherness, Participation and Brotherhood. As usual, the brothers are divided into 4 teams, the names of which were sourced from the game AGE OF EMPIRES. We started with the teams performing a slogan and a theme song for the team. We then had Fr Rector addressing us, reminding us that Sports should help us to keep our bodies fit and healthy as well as for fun. Next, we had three group games which had everybody fully involved. The brothers participated in it wholeheartedly, which could be seen through their teamwork and enthusiasm to give their best for the team. Finally, the event was concluded with a hymn thanking God. The Sports Day inauguration was indeed an enjoyable one which reminded each and everyone to participate in the games throughout the year, to have fun, to collaborate with each other and also to keep our bodies fit and healthy.

Conrad Pereira

3rd Year Theology


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