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St. Pius X New Hymnal

Since the copies of our old hymnal Celebration had been exhausted and the book was no longer in print, a new hymnal (St. Pius X Hymnal) was published specifically for use by our seminary community. The new hymnal, with a view to a more active and participative celebration of all our liturgies and devotions, includes a variety of prayers, hymns, psalms, canticles, parts of the Mass set to music, a few prominent Latin hymns, etc. The hymnal comprises of various sections: Prayers at Mass and Other Common Prayers, General Hymns (Nos. 1 – 494), Gospel Acclamations (495-528), Hymns for Advent and Christmas (529-569), Canticles (570-595), Parts of the Mass set to music (596-674), Latin Hymns for Benediction and Other Occasions (675-690), Psalms, and finally the Antiphons used at Lauds (Thursdays) and Vespers (Mondays). 350 copies have been printed with its covers in four different colors, each for use in the 3 different chapels (150 + 50 + 50) and in our Moderator groups (100 copies).

We had planned to have the hymnal ready by October 2020, in time for release at the closing of the Diamond Jubilee Year celebration of the inauguration of our seminary, but it was delayed due to the severe restrictions of the pandemic. The hymnal was finally made available for community use in the academic year 2021-22, following the Mass of the Holy Spirit on 4th July, 2021.

Fr. Anthony L. Fernandes,

Professor of Theology and Philosophy.


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