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Talasari Mission Project

We felt loved and blessed in accepting and being part of the Talasari Mission Project from 14th May to 26th May 2022 held at Gnanajyoti Community College in Karajgaon. Under the guidance of Fr. Aniceto Pereira, our Rector; Sr. Clera Gonsalves DHM, Mr. Sandesh Landge and Mrs. Swati Rane from Nirmala Niketan Centre; a 10-day Basic English speaking and Career guidance workshop was held for the tribal youth living in Talasari. About 32 youth participated in the workshop from different villages, namely Gangangaon, Bahare and Karajgaon. Br. Sunil Godinho and Br. Dylan D’Souza of St Pius College had a wonderful experience in this camp.

The opportunity to experience mission was a blessing. The workshop that we organized at Gnanajyoti Community College in Karajgaon was a chance for us to love and serve others like Jesus did. Being proficient in English has become essential in today's globalized world. Therefore, we used a number of interactive teaching methods to help these students feel confident when conversing in English. Fortunately, our time spent designing lesson plans resulted in us sharpening our own grammar skills. While conducting classes, it was important to be creative as well as patient to ensure that the ideas were well assimilated by the students. My discovery that even a simple action song can be used to teach vocabulary, grammatical points, and pronunciation was fascinating. Grateful thanks to Sr Clera, Sr Rumila and Sr Mary for all their support and prayers during our ten-day mission. I wish them more love, joy and peace in their life and ministry!

- Br Sunil Godinho

From trying to understand the life situation of the youth to patiently listening and encouraging them to grow confidently in speaking English, this workshop reflected many life-skills of positive and effective communication. Our project was to help them lay the basic foundation of English and facilitate their taking the initial steps on it systematically. Through different creative methods focused on reading, listening, writing and speaking skills, we provided resources for them to assimilate the teachings and follow up on them beyond this workshop. In the course of the workshop, visiting families and documenting the works conducted in the college helped us understand the lives of the youth even more deeply. At the end of the workshop, their willingness to help others in their neighborhood with what they learnt gave us immense joy and love. I am grateful to the sisters for giving us an opportunity to be with them and be part of the Talasari Mission project.

- Br. Dylan D’Souza

1st June 2022


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