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The Feast of Assumption and Independence Day Celebration – 15th August, 2023.

A festive air filled the seminary as St Pius X community gathered together to celebrate the feast of the Assumption of Mother Mary. The community gathered in the sanctuary of the main chapel to celebrate the Holy Eucharist in Indian style, as we also celebrated the 77th Independence Day of our nation. As the community sat on the floor around the main celebrant, Fr Gilbert D’lima for the Eucharistic celebration, the atmosphere was filled with joy and a sense of community. In his homily, Dn Alton Extros spoke about the meaning of the feast in our present lives. Soon after the Holy Mass, the community gathered outside the porch for the flag-hoisting ceremony. Mr Elias Sequiera, the chief guest of the event, hoisted the flag. Br Viyar Dinis was the chief commander, and Br Brijesh Macwan gave the message of the day, highlighting the diversity and heritage of our country. The rector of the seminary, Fr Aniceto, greeted the community, reminding them of their responsibility to the country as seminarians and future priests. The air reverberated with shouts of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ as the events came to a conclusion.

Br Joywin Thadavious

2nd Year Philosophy


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