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The rite of Candidacy- 20th July, 2023

“To be instruments of his love” was the theme chosen by our third-year theologians for the rite of admission to Candidacy. It was a joyous occasion where thirteen of our brothers received their candidacy conferred by his Lordship Bishop Percival Fernandes. As I am one among them who was admitted as a Candidate, I was overwhelmed by the ceremony of the rite of acceptance during the solemn holy Eucharistic celebration. I feel much closer to the Lord and the altar of God. It brings immense joy to my family and friends. This reminds me of my call to the priesthood and the responsibilities that come along. I thank God for choosing me and my fellow third-year theologians ‘to be instruments of his love’.

Br Ignatius Pramod

3rd Year Theology


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