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Wreath Prayer Services 2021

During the Season of Advent, in the Seminary we have the Wreath Prayer Service wherein we solemnly light the four advent candles. Each candle has a theme attached to it which is exposed during a short prayer service conducted by the brothers according to different batches. This prayer service, conducted in the Main Chapel, includes a scripture reading, a reflection and prayers of the faithful. This service normally happens on a Saturday at noon since brothers go out for ministry on a Sunday. The first Saturday had the theme “Hope”. The third year theology brothers conducted a meaningful prayer service which highlighted the role of Jesus Christ as being the only hope to reach the Father. The second Saturday had the theme “Faith”. The second year theology brothers exposed the theme by showing the life of Mother Mary and the way she exhibited the virtue of faith by doing God’s will in every situation of her life. The third Saturday had the theme “Joy”. The first year theology brothers helped us reflect on how sinners and tax collectors were asking John the Baptist the remedy of sin, and John tells them that true joy is in sharing our things with those who have none. The fourth Saturday wreath service was conducted by the second year philosophers and the theme was ‘Peace’. The scripture reading was focused on Mary meeting her cousin Elizabeth and the baby in her womb leaping for joy. As the world waits for the birth of the prince of peace, let us not be busy with pre-Christmas celebrations but also prepare ourselves to welcome the Lord.

Brs. Conrad and Angelo


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