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Rector's Message on the Feast of St. Thomas

I arrived in Rome on the 30th of June and soon after lunch I found my way to St. Peter's Square and prayed for the Seminary through the intercession of the Proto Martyrs of Rome whose feast we were celebrating.

Even as we have begun our program, I pray that you may have a profound celebration of the Mass of the Holy Spirit on the Feast of St. Thomas, presided over by His Eminence, Oswald Cardinal Gracias, followed by the Lectio Brevis. I am sure the Cardinal, who is so close to the Holy Father, will instill in all of us a great fidelity to the Church and a concern for the needs of the universal Church. That dimension will surely deepen the significance of our own vocation. The Cardinal will definitely share about the funeral of Cardinal Ivan Dias, who labored ten long years in our Archdiocese as Archbishop. His memory will also encourage us to continue on the path of fidelity to the Church.

Have a great celebration of Newcomers' Day!

Fr Aniceto Pereira


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